Rotary Dampers for Seamless Motion

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Rotary dampers are mechanical parts that improve the control and comfort of the object they are mounted on by continuously rotating at a slower speed.

In addition to being utilized on automobiles, rotary dampers from HXL are also used on doors and lids in a variety of applications to keep them from moving uncontrollably and to make sure they absorb noise, shocks, and vibrations that could harm equipment or keep it from operating at its best.

How Do Rotary Dampers Work?

A single axis of rotation is used by rotary dampers to operate. The damper's oil generates a dampening torque that modifies the motion of its moving components. The torque magnitude in small rotary dampers is contingent upon the oil viscosity, the distance between the moving components, and their surface area.

Furthermore, temperature has an effect on the damper's torque. Generally speaking, torque decreases with increasing temperature. The torque increases with decreasing temperature. Compared to comparable products that share the same qualities, our rotary dampers offer less fluctuation in performance on these criteria.

The fluid inside the rotary dampers helps to control the opening and closing of lids and doors by absorbing external shocks and vibrations. This allows the dampers to be positioned on a surface and slows down their movement and impact.

Application of Rotary Dampers

Applications for rotary dampers include cabinets, cars, lawnmowers, petrol stations, coffee makers, bins, toilet seats, and any other product with a hinge or lid that needs to open and close regularly, silently, and smoothly. Numerous uses exist in the automotive industry as well, including handles, fuel doors, cup holders, glass holders, and many more.

Rotary dampers are a simple, low-maintenance option that safeguards the product's sensitive parts without drawing attention to themselves. They are actually tiny, nearly undetectable dampers.

Our Range of Products Includes

  • Auto Interior Accessories Plastic Rotary Damper for Car Cup Holder
  • Automotive Injection Parts, Two Way Rotary Damper, Car Interior
  • Plastic Oil Rotary Damper for Drawer Slide, Cupholders, Storage
  • Plastic Springs Motion Control Damper, Front Cup-Holder Damper
  • Bidirectional Damping Mini Rotary Damper for Auto Interior Glass
  • Auto Door Accessories Rotary Damper Hinge for Car Door Handle
  • One Way Damper Rotary Damper Silicone Oil Damper with IATF
  • Plastic Hardware Rotary Damper for Washing Machine
  • Kitchen Furniture Adjustable Torque Rotary Cabinet Door
  • High Quality Gear Dampers Small Rotary Buffers
  • Automotive Parts & Accessories Mini Rotary Dampers One Way
  • Rotary Dampers for Car Steering Columns, Auto Glove Boxes
  • Barrel Rotary Silicone Oil Damper for Trunk Cover Curtain One Way
  • Barrel Rotary Silicone Oil Damper for Trunk Cover Curtain Barrel
  • Precision Mini Rotary Damper for Car Interior for Car Interior Cup Holder with SGS
  • Precision Machinery Mini Rotary Damper for Car Interior Sunglasses
  • Rotary Hamper Metal High Torque Steering Damper Hydraulic Damper
  • Wholesale Automotive Injection Hardware Parts, Rotary Dampers
  • High Quality Plastic Rotary Damper High Quality Ash Tray Damper
  • Plastic Rotary Damper Soft Close Drawer Damper
  • Plastic Rotary Damper Soft Close Damper Silicone Damper
  • Precision Injection Plastic Shock Absorber Rotary Damper with IATF
  • Customized Plastic Injection Parts Small Rotary Damper Unidirectional
  • Heavy Duty Auto Parts Rubber Damper for Engine Motor Pump

  • Find the damper that is right for your needs, or contact us for a customized solution!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. For a rotary damper, what is its cycle rate?

    Upon 50,000 cycles, the rotary dampers retain over 80% of their damping torque when operated at a maximum cycle rate of 10/min and maximum rotational speed of 50 revs/min.

    2. How do your rotary dampers work and what is their primary feature?

    With torque to adjust impact absorption, our rotary dampers extend the life of items and enhance their quality. They also let you make safer, more effective, and quieter products.

    3. Where are rotary dampers mostly used?

    For a variety of purposes, they are appropriate. Invisible screen windows, seats, bathroom goods, furniture, car interiors, and home appliances can all benefit from the usage of rotary dampers.

    4. What is the rotary damper's damping direction?

    When a rotary damper provides resistance to rotation, that direction is known as the damping direction. The direction is mostly selected in a way so that it aligns with the anticipated damper forces.

    5. For how long are rotary dampers good for?

    The model, kind, and usage of a rotary damper all affect how long it lasts. Without leaking oil, our rotary damper has a minimum operating life of 50,000 cycles.

    6. Which is the best environment to use a rotary damper?

    The usage of rotary dampers is possible in corrosive conditions, high temperature, and high humidity settings. Depending on the particular setting in which it will be utilized, it is crucial to select the appropriate damper type.

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