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Purchasing Top-Quality Locking Gas Struts from HXL

Are you seeking a dependable and long-lasting way to open, shut, or hold lids in place? HXL has a range of locking gas struts that might be the answer to your question! We can provide solutions that precisely match your needs while delivering dependable, long-lasting performance thanks to our extensive assortment of steel gas springs.

What Are Locking Gas Struts?

The locking gas struts in our collection function similarly to standard gas struts but have an additional internal locking valve that lets you stop the strut in any position. Our locking gas struts are frequently used in military vehicle seating as well as in buses, trains, airplanes, and specialty vehicles for height and angle modification of the seats.

Locking gas struts that are used in a variety of industries and equipment, including healthcare, aerospace, office furniture, maritime, and agricultural. The automotive sector also utilizes gas springs extensively, using them for hoods, truck supports, suspension, and other applications. Tandem beds, awning extensions, and landing gear for airplanes are just a few devices in various industries that use gas springs.

What Do Locking Gas Struts Do?

A locking gas strut can be the perfect answer for your project if you need height modification that stays in place or the capacity to quickly and simply modify an application.

1. Inflexible in Stretching

While providing complete stiffness in extension, this gas strut locks the piston in extension, allowing for a small amount of mobility in compression. Automatically, the piston rod returns to its initial position when a compressive load is discharged. These locking gas struts provide the versatility needed for numerous applications because they may be installed in any orientation.

2. Rigid during Compression

This gas strut offers total stiffness in compression but permits a small amount of extension mobility. The piston rod automatically returns to its starting position after the extension load is released. It is advisable to mount these struts rod down. Though this must be mentioned at the time of inquiry, mounting can be done in any position.

3. Locking Elastic

For use with office chairs, these locking gas struts are perfect. A load causes the piston rod to compress a few millimeters. Following that, the internal pressure increases, making it more difficult to compress and keeping it locked in place. When the piston rod is freed from its initial position, the load is released.

Key Benefits of Our Locking Gas Struts

  • Produced in China
  • Locks at any point along the stroke's length
  • Operation can be done with one hand
  • Simple positional control and safety
  • Independent unit that requires no maintenance
  • Accessible in stainless steel

Working Mechanism of Locking Gas Struts

Due to the locking valve installed in our locking gas strut, which only permits movement when the release pin at the end of the rod is depressed, it can be stopped in any position. Usually, a directly attached paddle or a release mechanism with a cable will be used to do this.

Locking gas struts are frequently used in applications such as military vehicle seating, buses, trains, airplanes, and speciality vehicles for adjusting the height and angle of seats. They are also utilized as height risers for workstations, physiotherapy tables, wheelchairs, and hospital beds to allow for controlled adjustment. Our struts' potential uses are only restricted by the creativity of the design engineer due to their broad applicability across numerous industry sectors.

Our Range of Products Includes

  • Bus Chair Strut
  • Adjustable Height Table Lift Manual Lifting Column
  • Locking Gas Strut
  • Stainless Steel Locking Gas Spring
  • Rigid Locking Gas Spring
  • Long Stroke Locking Gas Spring
  • Gas Spring for Medical Lift Support
  • Lockable Gas Spring

Our team of skilled designers and engineers at HXL will collaborate with you to deliver locking gas strut solutions that will beyond your expectations. We provide a bespoke service, treating each project as unique. Our client service is our first priority, and we have design engineers available to collaborate with you and apply cutting-edge methodologies. Since no two applications are alike, we offer tailored solutions that precisely match your needs.

Need help finding the right kind of locking gas struts for your application? HXL is here to help you!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes a locking gas strut fail to function normally?

When dirt and other airborne particles enter the spring, there can be long-term effects. When the piston rod is stretched, dirt builds up on it and combines with the oil and gas when it is compressed.

2. What is the expected lifespan of your locking gas struts?

HXL guarantees an extended longevity of its locking gas struts for all clients. Our springs typically have a 40,000-operator lifetime.

3. How should a locking gas strut be maintained?

Our struts require minimal upkeep and don't require oiling or lubricating. They will function flawlessly for many years and are always made to satisfy the specifications of the application for which they are intended.

4. Where do locking gas struts usually find their use?

These days, locking gas struts are widely used in automobile interiors to support movable seats and tables, on a variety of easy-open panels and hatches, and even in tiny electronic gadgets.

5. Can I use locking gas struts vertically?

Make sure struts are employed at an angle of no more than 60 degrees from the vertical when including them in a design. For the final few millimeters of the stroke, a substantial damping effect can also be achieved by using the oil in the spring.

6. Do I get a variety of struts from your company?

Yes, of course. We have a range of locking gas struts that are suitable for various applications. Contact us to get an idea about our extensive range of inventory.

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