Rigid Locking Gas Spring
Rigid Locking Gas Spring

Rigid Locking Gas Spring

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    Rigid Locking Gas Spring
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How to make a good locking gas spring?
1: Our Gas Spring Extend Length Toleracn is + -1mm,normally other company is + -2mm
2: Our Gas Spring Stroke Length Toleracn is + -1mm,normally other company is + -2mm
,less tolerance will working much more better.
3: We can custom made the extend speed slowly ,we add the damping in the extend and compress direction, so the gas spring will be much more safety.
4: We have quality control system,we make quality report for each production.
5: We take the photo of the all parts of the gas spring,and make the production the same parts. If we change the parts we will discuss with our customer.
Type ∅ Tube(mm) ∅ Piston rod(mm) Stroke(mm) Extension force* F1 (N) Color tube Color piston rod Type of locking
1 18 8 20 - 250 200 - 800 black Tenifer elastic
2 22 10 20 - 250 200 - 800 black Tenifer elastic
3 27 10 20 - 250 200 - 1,000 SS 304 SS 304 elastic
4 28 10 20 - 250 200 - 1,000 black Tenifer elastic
5 22 10 20 - 250 200 - 800 black Tenifer rigid
6 28 10 20 - 250 200 - 1,000 black Tenifer rigid


Are you seeking a dependable and long-lasting way to open, shut, or hold lids in place? HXL has a range of locking gas struts that might be the answer to your question! We can provide solutions that precisely match your needs while delivering dependable, long-lasting performance thanks to our extensive assortment of steel gas springs.

What Are Gas Springs?
Gas springs or locking gas struts work by utilizing a piston that expands or contracts in response to chamber pressure. Force exertion, damping, and shock absorption are the three primary uses for gas springs. To lift, lower, close, open, and adjust objects in a range of applications, they can be used in place of mechanical springs.

Locking gas struts that are used in a variety of industries and equipment, including healthcare, aerospace, office furniture, maritime, and agricultural. The automotive sector also utilizes gas springs extensively, using them for hoods, truck supports, suspension, and other applications. Tandem beds, awning extensions, and landing gear for airplanes are just a few devices in various industries that use gas springs.

Features of Gas Springs
- Body Parts - O-rings (or other seals), intake and output valves, a gas reservoir, a piston rod, and a cylinder body are components shared by all gas springs.

- Lesser Friction - Friction during motion is lessened by the cylinder's polished interior. To produce a tight seal and divide the cylinder into two sections, the spring's head piston is positioned perpendicularly.

- Reduced Impact - Piston-attached, the rod protrudes from the end of the cylinder. The rod enters the chamber deeply when the spring is compressed. As a result, the impact is lessened and the gas is compressed.

Types of Gas Springs

- Extension Gas Springs - To provide isolation, they push the rod completely or partially out of the chamber.
- Compression Gas Springs - They provide damping when the piston is pushed into the cylinder and force is applied to the spring.
- Tension Gas Springs - Frequently seen as parts of furniture such as cabinets, they can withstand stress and/or perform pulling duties.
- Adjustable Gas Springs - They are able to halt their motion at any time. Manufacturers typically put them on emergency gurneys, hospital beds, and chairs.
- Locking Gas Springs - Once they have extended to their full length, locking gas struts can lock their rod into position. Applications that call for deliberate motions and protracted posture - like an elongated hospital bed - benefit from their utilization.
- Reducible Gas Springs - They are distinct in that users can modify their force by removing some of the gas they use while they are operating.
- Gas Struts - Locking gas struts provide push forces.

- Lift Gas Springs - They are only employed in lifting-related applications.

Fields Where Gas Springs Are Used
Commercial Vehicles
- Automotive
- Military
- Furniture
- Machinery
- Aerospace
- Medical
- Marine

Our Range of Products Includes:
Bus Chair Strut
- Adjustable Height Table Lift Manual Lifting Column
- Locking Gas Strut
Stainless Steel Locking Gas Spring
- Rigid Locking Gas Spring
- Long Stroke Locking Gas Spring
- Gas Spring for Medical Lift Support
- Lockable Gas Spring

Need help finding the right kind of locking gas struts for your application? HXL is here to help you!

1. What makes a gas spring fail to function normally?
When dirt and other airborne particles enter the spring, there can be long-term effects. When the piston rod is stretched, dirt builds up on it and combines with the oil and gas when it is compressed.

2. What is the expected lifespan of your gas springs?
HXL guarantees an extended longevity of its locking gas struts for all clients. Our springs typically have a 40,000-operator lifetime.

3. How should a gas spring be maintained?
Gas springs require minimal upkeep and don't require oiling or lubricating. They will function flawlessly for many years and are always made to satisfy the specifications of the application for which they are intended.

4. Where do gas springs usually find their use?
These days, gas springs are widely used in automobile interiors to support movable seats and tables, on a variety of easy-open panels and hatches, and even in tiny electronic gadgets.

5. Can I use gas springs vertically?
Make sure gas springs are employed at an angle of no more than 60 degrees from the vertical when including them in a design. For the final few millimeters of the stroke, a substantial damping effect can also be achieved by using the oil in the gas spring.

6. Do I get a variety of gas springs from your company?
Yes, of course. We have a range of locking gas struts has a range of gas springs that are suitable for various applications. Contact us to get an idea about our extensive range of inventory.


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