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More than 20 years of gas spring export experience.We are the world leader in controlling the installation length and stroke length tolerance, the ordinary company is +-2mm, we can do +-1mm, in addition, we also have special advantages and experience in manufacturing ultra-long stroke gas springs, and controlling the ejection speed and damping performance of gas springs. In terms of quality control, for special customized gas springs, when each batch of orders is prepared with materials, we will send 2 samples to customers for free for confirmation, and then arrange production after confirmation, each gas spring has an independent number, check the quality of each gas spring before delivery, and before delivery, we will take 10 product performance test videos to confirm again.

HXL was established in 2000 and locate in the beautiful air-sea port city of Xiamen China.

Our feature :

  • Perfect R&D department,we can supply super technology gas spring ,for example we can make 1600mm stroke super long gas spring,and super safety gas spring.
  • To keep our customers competitive in their market we don't sell the same specs gas spring to another company in their country or area.

Main Poducts

We supply almost all the type gas springs ,for example, compression gas spring,lockable gas spring (rigid or flexible lockiing type),stainless steel gas spring,gas spring dampers etc. The gas spring are widely used for automobile engine support,toolbox lid support, cabinet door or cupboard door lift,medical table or bed, furniture bed, fitness equipment etc.

Develop And Research

We import the technology from Germany,our quality reaches the standard of the leading companies in Germany.We can make super long stroke and long life safety gas springs.We make the first drawer slide gas damper in China.Most of the production machinerys are designed by ourselves.We can make some special gas spring which most factory can't make,because some type gas spring need to be made by special machinery.

Quality Assurance System

Quality is the same important as our life,our factory has strict quality guarantee system,perfected productive system,quick quality feedback system and perfected management system.We established a rigorous quality test program .1 Keeping the record of our customer's drawings and samples 2 Raw material testing 3 Quality fast feedback during production 5 Finished product application testing. Now our products pass rate is more than 99.9%,reach the 5 SIGMA QUALITY standards,and we have passed the certification of ISO9001:2000.Being the super quality manage system,almost all of our customers place repeat order for many years .If you are looking for a new supplier welcome to contact with us.

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