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Gas Spring Shipment 01

Gas Spring Shipment 01....

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Purchasing High-Quality Gas Springs for Impeccable Motion Control

Our custom-made, high-quality gas springs, struts, and dampers are produced in China. HXL is a top producer of gas springs, struts, and dampers with headquarters in China. To meet your needs, we develop and provide a broad variety of motion control systems. For additional information, please contact us without further ado.

Understanding Gas Springs

Gas springs, also known as gas struts, are rods that support horizontally hinged doors, hatches, lids, and coverings. Their adaptability allows them to serve as support in a multitude of applications by lifting, placing, and lowering, among other methods.

Gas springs are frequently used in product designs by engineers to achieve regulated movement. Examples of such goods include office chairs, vehicle boots, hatches, canopies, and much more. Naturally, the kind of gas strut required may vary according on the application, but they are all made using the same fundamental design.

In order to operate, gas springs need to be compressed and filled with oil and nitrogen gas (which is a neutral gas that makes up around 80% of the earth's atmosphere and is therefore safe) in the cylinder.

Naturally, not every application calls for the same type of gas strut, and HXL offers a variety of options for various purposes. Customized springs are also an option if you want to be extra sure that everything fits perfectly.

Collaborating with You to Create Custom Solutions

To meet your needs, we design and produce gas springs, dampers, and struts. This allows us to offer clients a vast selection of gas springs that are suitable for different sectors and businesses. Our products are made with premium materials that adhere to the strictest requirements for functionality and performance.

Our experts are always ready to assist you with finding the right type of gas spring or damper that your fit your application the best. You can also ask them for installation assistance. At HXL, we take great satisfaction in consistently providing our experienced team of professionals - who offer knowledge in every facet of the gas spring industry - with high-quality goods at competitive costs and always on time.

Innovation and Knowledge

Our company designs and manufactures a variety of industrial gas springs that are strong enough to function in the most demanding conditions. We have the right means to manufacture everything ranging from robust items to lightweight yet compact solutions. This feat is achieved owing to our excellent staff as well as modern facilities.

We take pride in our wide selection of dampers and struts that find uses in a number of situations. HXL has been a leading name in this industry for over two decades now. Our team is always here to help you with finding what you are looking for or creating a customized solution. In the engineering sector, we provide cutting-edge solutions at low prices. Contact us without any delay.

Why Choose Us

Special Experience in Manufacturing

Our knowledge and extensive manufacturing expertise lets us produce gas springs with ultra-long strokes. Our products not only control their damping performance but also their ejection speed.

Free Samples to Customers

For the purpose of quality control, we have the facility to offer two free samples to clients for confirmation for the purpose of quality control. This gets done for when each batch of orders for customized gas springs get ready with materials. Following confirmation, we will schedule production.

Product Performance Test Videos

We make sure to check the quality of each gas spring before delivery. You can also expect ten product performance test videos to confirm again after delivery.

Range of Bespoke Products

We not only design but also produce designed gas spring and damper solutions to meet the most recent ISO 9001:2000 industry requirements.

Professional Engineering Support

This aids in our ability to guarantee that our gas springs provide accurate movement control solutions that meet the needs of every customer.

If you want to know more about our range of gas springs as well as other products, feel free to contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to keep my gas springs clean and free from damage?

It is crucial to keep the spring safe from any knocks, abrasions, and contamination. To learn more about how to give the gas springs the best possible protection, please contact a member of our staff.

2. Can I regulate a gas spring's rate of extension?

Your gas spring's extension speed can be adjusted by handling the piston opening size and the oil thickness inside the spring. For assistance in choosing the ideal gas spring for your application, our staff can provide you with information on these factors.

3. Will I need to do any regular maintenance on my gas springs?

HXL gas springs are a closed system that does not need any kind of ongoing maintenance.

4. Can you help me with any online support?

Absolutely. Only by contacting us will you be able to access information such as material certificates, warranty details, technical data on gas springs, how-to videos, and much more.

5. In which direction should gas springs be installed?

It is imperative to always mount gas springs with the rod pointed downward. This is to ensure that the spring's oil is positioned correctly to maximize its damping qualities and lubricate the internal seals.

6. Are your gas springs made to last?

Because of our dedication to using high-quality components and production techniques, our products are designed to last longer than anticipated, thus giving clients value and a long-lasting application.




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